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Ace Your Interviews, Win Any Job Offer and Easily Negotiate More Money with Agile Interview Coaching

Woman waiting confidently for her interview after using our Interview Coaching

The Phone Rings…

It’s ‘that call’ you’ve been waiting for –

The one confirming your interview …

The interview for the kind of job that only comes up once in a blue moon.

You’re excited. Because you know if you get through the interview stage, you stand to get a handsome pay increase, a better benefits package and an exciting job that you’ve had your eye on for a long time.

You feel on top of the world. This job is what you’ve worked so hard for, and now it’s in your sights.

Then the nerves set in, and you feel butterflies in your stomach.

You realise that to get this dream job, you don’t just need to be prepared… You need to be perfect.

And if you’re not perfect, you’ll end up back at square one…

Working the same job you are now, waiting for another job opportunity to come up … If it ever does.

So what’s the solution?

The myths of interview preparation

Most people think that interview preparation means practising answers to common questions, researching the business and brushing up on the technical aspects of the job role.


They cram all this in a few days or even the night before and then hope for the best.


And although practising questions, doing your research and knowing the job role are part of the puzzle…


In today’s competitive job market, just doing what other people do isn’t going to make you the standout candidate that you need to be.


How are you going to deal with:


  • The feelings of doubt, anxiety and nervousness?
  • Standing out against those more qualified than you?
  • Linking your past, present and future career aspirations?
  • HR interviews, assessment days and panel interviews?
  • Telling your story in a compelling manner?
  • Building a report with the interviewer?
  • Correctly interpreting questions?
  • Communicating with confidence?
  • Salary negotiation.


The truth is, most people aren’t prepared for all of this, and interviews end up feeling like an interrogation.


An interrogation that leaves them on the back foot and always second-guessing the interviewer’s next move.


An interviewer delighted with a well-prepared CV and cover letter
A candidate being congratulated by the interviewer.
That’s Why We Created

The Agile Interview Coaching System

By preparing for your interview with our Agile Interview Coaching System, you can turn any interview into an opportunity.


An opportunity to showcase your unique skills and experience with confidence. Meaning you not only get offered the job but also position yourself to negotiate a higher salary.

That’s why our agile interview coaching system will ensure you:

  • Banish anxiety and nerves, leaving you with the ability to tackle any questions that come your way with total confidence.
  • Correctly interpret questions to avoid ever feeling on the back foot.
  • Build rapport with the interviewer in a natural way while remaining professional.
  • Feel like you’re in control of the interview without potentially coming across as arrogant.
  • Know what questions to ask at the end of the interview so that you show your interest in the role and company without coming over too strong.
  • Tell your story in a compelling manner without being boring.

If that’s not enough, over the course of 2 hours we’ll also cover how to:

  • Ace each interview stage, including assessment days as well as panel & HR interviews.
  • Negotiate a higher salary, with our clients typically seeing a 10% increase over the first offer.
  • Read body language and tonality so that you better interpret questions and the interviewer’s response to your answers.
  • Work on your weaknesses so that you can turn them into strengths.


Finally, you’ll discover how to master the Situation, Task, Action and Result (STAR) technique for answering competency-based interview questions.

This technique teaches you how to tell your story while still including the necessary context and detail required to answer the interviewer’s question.

Mastering the STAR technique means you always give the interviewer the answer they’re looking for without skipping necessary context or detail. Meaning your interview will flow more smoothly, and you won’t get flustered by being asked further questions about your answer.


Our coaching system has been described as a fully transformative experience.

Where clients leave feeling more confident and assertive with no signs of being nervous or anxious.

Book Now

By booking a session with us, you’ll get:


  • 2 Hours of 1-2-1 Zoom training, either in one 2-hour session or two 1-hour sessions.
  • Then, once we’ve held the initial training, you get access to unlimited 1-2-1 prep sessions for any interviews that come up any time within 3 months.
  • Access to a platform that simulates interviews virtually, which allows you to practice your response to common questions.
  • An interview cheat sheet with questions and model answers to over 25+ common interview questions, saving you time in research and preparation.


Wouldn’t it be great to win your dream job with complete confidence and secure more pay?

If the answer is yes, then all you need to do is click below to book your agile interview coaching session.


Satisfaction Gauranteed.

Although not necessary, it’s ideal to book coaching before applying for any jobs.

This means we can do the training before you get an interview, allowing you to be prepared for anything that comes up.

And remember, if you get an interview within 3 months of coaching, you get unlimited 1-2-1 interview prep sessions to ensure you’re ready.

What people think of our Interview Coaching.



The support and mentoring gave me a huge confidence boost.

The list of interview questions with possible scenarios calmed my anxiety, and the guidance helped me prepare for those dreaded questions!

I’m happy to share that soon after applying for 2 jobs, and I was successfully shortlisted and called in for interviews.

One of the companies got back to me on the very same day with a job offer, which I accepted – Saskia

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