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How to Appear More Confident in Interviews (Even When You’re Not!)

Written By MK Career Solutions
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The work you put into your job application has paid off and you have just been rewarded with a golden ticket – an interview for your dream career!


After a moment of celebration, the anxiety kicks in.

How are you going to appear confident while being questioned by your next potential boss? 

How are you meant to stay cool, calm and collected when getting this job means so much to you?

If the thought of a job interview makes your stomach do somersaults, you are not alone. Luckily, at MK Career Solutions, we know the ‘tricks of the trade’ that will make your interviewer think there isn’t a nervous bone in your body. By appearing more confident, you will show your potential employer that you trust your own abilities, and you know you will be an asset to the company.

Let’s Begin

1. Breathe

While you are waiting to be greeted by your interviewer, take a few minutes to focus on your breathing. By taking deep breaths in through your nose and breathing slowly out through your mouth, you can redirect any anxious emotions you may be experiencing. This kind of breathing is one of the most useful tools for achieving a relaxed state of mind. With a clear head, you will be able to focus on the ideal job that you are hoping to land instead of the apprehension of your imminent interview.

2. Don’t Fidget.

A man worrying about a job interview. Get interview confidence with MK Career Solutions.

If the thought of a job interview makes your stomach do somersaults, you are not alone.

Nothing says you are anxious more than subconscious fidgeting! Whether you are a hair twirler, a leg shaker or a table tapper, your fidgety habits project nervousness and a lack of confidence.

Clasping your hands together and placing them on your lap is an effective way of ensuring you don’t fidget during an interview. It is also a good idea to conduct a mock interview with a friend, or your career coach, a few days before your actual interview. This will highlight any subconscious fidgeting that you may not be aware of. (Many people are not aware of their own nervous tendencies because they are such an ingrained part of their natural behaviour.)

Once you know exactly what to avoid, you can practice controlling your fidgeting habits so that you appear highly confident during your interview.

3. Eye Contact.

The employer at your dream job wants to hire someone who can work well with the team, take direction and contribute to the overall success of the company.

One of the best ways to convey confidence during an interview is by making natural eye contact. Making regular eye contact can express that you are an honest, confident person and you are someone that the company can trust.

A good way to remind yourself to make regular eye contact is to focus on a spot between the interviewer’s eyes. (Just remember to take natural breaks, such as looking down at your CV or notepad every once in a while, so that you don’t end up intensely staring at your interviewer!)

4. Press the Pause Button.

This is your ideal job, and you probably have a million reasons why you think you are the best person for the role. But try to stay on the topic of the questions you are being asked.

Many people tend to ramble when they are nervous. To avoid steering off the subject and saying more than you need to say (the interviewer doesn’t need to know whether it was a Monday or a Tuesday that time you did a really good deed for a customer!), try to answer each question with one thought or idea at a time. This will help you to keep your answers controlled and relevant to the questions the interviewer is asking you.

5. Think Positively.

No matter how anxious you feel, keep reminding yourself that you deserve a chance of landing your dream career as much as anyone else. You have been invited for an interview for a reason – because you are seriously being considered as a candidate for the job position.  Use this knowledge to your advantage to mentally build your self-esteem before the interview. It can really take the edge off enough to allow you to approach the interview with a healthy amount of self-assurance and poise.

Your performance is far more likely to plunge if you expect not to do well. Believing in yourself will put you in a positive headspace that could considerably improve how you conduct yourself in your interview. Expect to do well and you will do well.

Remember that interviewers are human too (they would have taken an interview to land their current job). They have sat where you are sitting, felt what you are feeling, and will understand and forgive a few minor anxious hiccups.

To Sum Up

Demonstrating confidence in a job interview can be just as important as showing your unique skills and qualifications. Confidence is the act of trusting yourself. Showing an interviewer that you trust yourself can lead the interviewer to trust in you, too.

By getting familiar with the tips in this article, you can practice the way you communicate confidence and professionalism during an interview, which will not only help to calm your nerves, but improve your performance in the room. Want to know more about how a career coach can help? We would love to hear from you.

Found this post helpful? Keep checking out MK Career Solutions’ blogs for regular tips and advice on landing your ideal job. 


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