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How to Use Technology to Land your Dream Role

How to Use Technology to Land your Dream Role

Written By MK Career Solutions
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Thanks to the power of technology, the job hunt process is ever evolving, and finding a dream company to work for is more accessible than ever. Social media, online job boards and mobile apps have all made the job search process far more interactive and transparent. No longer are you restricted to just your CV to try and convince future employers that you are a suitable candidate for your dream job, now you can showcase this through a variety of media channels.

Being social media savvy is often the minimum requirement for candidates within many industries, but there are still a few extra, lesser known ways you can take advantage of modern technology to help you stand out from the other candidates hoping to land an ideal job.

Here is how you can make the most of technology to build your career:

1: Spring clean your socials


Like it or loathe it, many employers will search for you on Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media channels during the candidate selection process. Make sure that your profiles are easily discoverable and that you haven’t done yourself a disservice in what information you include on there. When you are job hunting, it is a good idea to align your social profiles with your professional persona. The more employer-friendly you appear, the more you will attract prospective recruiters to contact you.

Our advice is simple – make sure you present yourself well wherever you can be found.

2: Make your CV mobile

Online job boards, job email alerts and recruitment company apps make it easy for you to search for jobs wherever you are. Life is busy, and you want to make sure you never miss an opportunity to apply for your dream job. With that in mind, we recommend that you create a mobile-friendly downloadable PDF which will enable you to apply for positions anywhere at any time. By doing this, you will maximise the efficiency of your job search by making sure you are always ready to apply for the most suitable positions as and when they are posted.

3. Make your application interactive

Virtual interviews are becoming increasingly common in our (almost) post covid world. If you are invited to a virtual discussion with a potential employer, make sure your backdrop is clear. (Your next potential boss isn’t going to love looking at that family holiday picture hanging on your office wall as much as you do!)

You should treat a video call as you would a physical meeting. Dress smart, be prepared and act and look professional. And of course, if you insist on just dressing your upper body for the sake of the screen, make sure you do not get up and reveal your pyjama bottoms mid way through the call! (It has happened!)


4. Take part in online networking


Effective networking is probably the most important step in your tech-savvy job search. It’s simple – you can make yourself easily visible across all social media sites by interacting with brands you like, contacting people you admire and blogging about the things you are passionate about. LinkedIn is without a doubt the best way to network as it is used by more than 90% of employers and recruiters.



The future of career advancement


Technology has changed everything from how we sell to how we shop. And how to search for jobs is no different. Thanks to the connectivity of the internet and digital tools, we are now presented with more job opportunities than ever before. But it’s crucial that we all keep up to date with ever-evolving technology to maximise our chances of success in a highly connected world.


Found this blog helpful? We will be back soon with more career tips or you can contact us now for one to one advice.



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