Step 2: Choose a Date and Time for your 15-minute Call With Mohammed


We DO NOT offer reschedules. If you do not show up for the call you will NOT be able to book another. This is non negotiable. If you cannot make the time, DO NOT BOOK THE CALL.

Mike Pyne

From Sales Rep to Sales Manager with £30,000 pay increase

Mike Pyne

Sales Manager

Mike’s LinkedIn

“With Mo’s support, I was able to secure more interviews for the jobs I wanted and a £30k pay increase from my previous earnings”

Atif Mir

Secured new Business Development role with £5000 salary increase

Atif Mir

Business Development Manager

Atif’s LinkedIn

” I was completely clueless about where I wanted to go. Mo allowed me to set goals and create a 5-year plan. Within a space of 3 months, I secured a new job and fast-tracked my career.”

Sara Oliva

From redundancy to dream sales role with £2500 salary increase

Sara Oliva

Digital Sales Consultant

Olivia’s LinkedIn

“What a fantastic experience it was working with MK Career Solutions. I uploaded my new CV and had some fantastic feedback and lots of interviews. My salary has grown by £2500 per year”